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for LED controller
40-FA.210.350-500.MAF and
single color switch, permanent color gradient in three different speeds,
a self-programmable gradient 
with 256 minutes max.
dimmable in three different intensities
authorized in the EU and Switzerland
IP 65


remote control

Is needed to connect LEDs with 
our controls.
wires= red, green, blue, black
for RGB LEDs 
with AMP plug

L=300 mm 

Special lengths possible if requested.


connecting cable

Is needed to connect LEDs with 
our controls.
RGB-W cable:
Cable : LiYY 5 x 0.34 mm²,
Side 1: ferrules (without phoenix plug)
Side 2: JST 8-pin pin housing


mit JST Stecker / Connection cable with jst plug

Is needed to connect LEDs with 
our controls.


Für Domsticusplatinen / connection cable for Domesticus

Is needed to connect LEDs with 
ourpower sources
wires= black(-), black-red(+)
for single coloured LEDs 
with round plug

Anschlusskabel RUND 2-polig

Connection cable ROUND 2-pole

Patch cable with RJ12 connectors L= 1.000 mm

Datenkabel RJ12

Data cable RJ12

Master/Multitask 2/Slave connector

Datenkabel RJ45

Data cable RJ45

sealed with white plastic,  
with microfuse 
according to VDE 570 
dimmable with anykind of inductive dimmers
dimmable with Fasel sauna control series:
FCU 3000 and FCU 4000 
IP 20

Eisenkerntransformator für 24 Volt Leuchtmittel

Iron core transformer for 24 volt lamps

Is needed for the WW/ RGB/ RGBW spots


für Strahler mit Jst Stecker / End piece for jst plug

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